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unsuspecting boxes of love, gratitude + support showing up on people's doorsteps 

mama box

mama box

this box is half curated + half build your own so you can customize it for your mama in mind! first, choose your card.

choose your candle

we have 6 beautiful skin colors to choose from!

mama + baby balm

this balm is already included + it. is. AMAZING.

pick your earrings

mamas always deserve a lil something for THEMSELVES ‚ô°

choose your chocolate

ALL MOMS NEED CHOCOLATE! (you can pick up to 2 bars)

pick your heart ‚ô°

choose your own lil felt wool heart to add to your box!

made for mama add ons

here are a couple more specifically made for mamas + postpartum mamas products if you want to add some extras to your box!

add your handwritten note

write a note for your recipient, take a photo of it + upload it below! we will print it out for you + include it in your box.

who is your box for + from

it can be for someone you love or for yourself (also someone you should love!)

daisy box gift wrapping + packaging

‚úú each daisy box is wrapped up cute like a real present! ‚úú our packaging is made out of eco-friendly + recyclable materials. & we always try to keep the cost low + the cuteness high!

review your box ‚úŅ

& then you can leave the rest up to us! your box will arrive VERY cute, packaged, wrapped + ready to be opened!

order details

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