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unsuspecting boxes of love, gratitude + support showing up on people's doorsteps 

stuff sucks right now box

stuff sucks right now box

here is what this box comes with (PLUS chocolate, lip butter + a lil heart which you get to choose in the next step)!

choose your chocolate

which flavor will you pick? (there are no wrong answers)

pick your lip butter

organic, eco packaging + 5 flavors to choose from!

choose your heart ‚ô°

your own lil felt wool heart to add to your box!

add your handwritten note

write a note for your recipient, take a photo of it + upload it below! we will print it out for you + include it in your box.

who is your box for + from

it can be for someone you love or for yourself (also someone you should love!)

daisy box gift wrapping + packaging

‚úú each daisy box is wrapped up cute like a real present! ‚úú our packaging is made out of eco-friendly + recyclable materials. & we always try to keep the cost low + the cuteness high!

review your box ‚úŅ

& then you can leave the rest up to us! your box will arrive VERY cute, packaged, wrapped + ready to be opened!

order details

    we are building your box!!!

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